Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wordpress versus Blogger

When I started blogging last year I chose the google blogger platform because it was really simple to set up.

During my short time as a blogger I have read both blogger and wordpress blogs. I am torn on which one I prefer. I like blogger because I can generally make it work. I'm not the most technologically minded person but I can figure bits out. I like wordpress because I've seen some fabulous themes and clean layouts. To me it seems to have a slightly more professional presentation about it. I'm definitely not saying there aren't any great blogger blogs out there, it's simply my perception.

My other perception is that wordpress is more difficult to work and get your head around. This again isn't necessarily true.

My blog is a work in progress. When I first started blogging it didn't look like this. I'm still learning what it can do and little changes keep happening. I have contemplated making the switch to wordpress but I wouldn't know how to or if I could transfer all my posts over as though it's a continuing blog. I don't know if there is a better one to use. I've definitely come across more blogger blogs than wordpress and that is something that keeps me tied to this platform. It's popular. I see people using it and using it well.

What do you prefer, wordpress or blogger and what exactly are the differences?


  1. I've been debating the very same thing this week. I use Blogger/Blogspot but have been thinking about using WordPress instead. Started making a Wordpress blog but it seems to be more technical than Blogger. Think I'll stick with what I've got just now, though.

  2. Wordpress. ;) BUT I'm someone who likes the ability to customize and play with more options. Blogger doesn't allow many things Wordpress allows when it comes to customization. I've used both... once you get used to Wordpress, it's great. But yes, it takes longer to get comfortable.

  3. I'm definitely a Wordpress girl. Having never used Blogger before, I can't say what the differences are—especially when it comes to which one is 'easier' to use, technically. I can say, though, that it's always been super-intuitive, as far as how to pick/change themes, customize the sidebar, post blog entries, add pictures, manage comments, and read the stats. The only downside that I can see is that, like you said, Blogger seems to be the more popular choice. Then again, since I tweet my posts and there are a couple different options for subscribing, I'm not sure how big of a deal that is. :)

  4. I went with blogger because it seemed the easier to set up. I think both platforms are adding new stuff all the time and the competition between them is good, but Wordpress is still too finickety at the moment.

    And clearly Google will take over the world at some point so it's probably best to stay in their good books.

    Moody Writing

  5. Here's to making it this far, congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  6. Good question.. I use Blogger now, but I'm thinking of moving it over to Wordpress because when I look at those blogs they seem to be much friendlier for those reading.. in terms of leaving comments and other things.. still debating though

  7. I have to say Wordpress! I'm a little biased - I've been using wordpress for a long, long time, so I'm a loyal customer, so to speak. I'd go further and say that if you have an extra few bucks a month, invest in your own hosted webspace and set up wordpress there. It's as easy as the click of a button with hosts like hostgator. Wordpess has evovled and is now easier than ever to customize, you really don't need to know any coding at all, and if you search google for free themes, you can see the choice is boggling.

  8. I tried WordPress first, when my publisher told me I needed a blog and/or website. My web designer son got a website set up and then gave me a few "tips" about WordPress (he doesn't know how to use it either) but he didn't have time to really help me learn it. Then a Blogger blogger, KarenG of Coming Down the Mountain, lured me to Blogger. She's right. It's easier, well, at least for me, a technological dummy. But I would like the ability to do more with the blog. I'd like to learn WordPress but I'm afraid like you that I'll lose what I've got and specially my followers. I think about 99% of the writers who follow me are on Blogger. So for now I'm staying with Blogger. Though I might set up a trial WordPress to see if I could do it now that I know more about widgets/gadgets etc. than I did a year ago. BUT, I need to stop fussing with templates and get on with writing!!!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  9. Gayle - I like the ease of blogger and the technical side of wordpress is what worries me. Like you I will probably stick with this for now.

    Regan - I do like the look of wordpress. I may have to tinker with it to see if I can get my head around it before making any leap.

    Kayla - I read today that there is a widget for the google friend connect button so all the people using blogger can still easily follow. That's good to know as I also come across a lot of blogs that are blogger.

    Mood - I think you're right. Google is definitely aiming for world domination!

    Elizabeth - Thank you for the award. I am displaying it proudly on the next post up :)

    Joe - It would seem many of us are stuck between the two. I would imagine the answer lays in the handling and having a play with both.

    Priscilla - I've had this discussion with you on Facebook and am likely to take you up on the offer in the future. Thank you.

    Ann - It's so easy to get caught up in the themes and gadgets isn't it! I have the opportunity to have a play with wordpress so I will probably try it out and make a decision, though I'm often not good at decisions like that.

  10. I used Wordpress before I actually started on Blogger. Wordpress has gotten easier and there are thousands of themes as well as plugins (widgets) that you can use to customize your Wordpress blog.

    The suggestion to host your own is a solid one because if you get one through they limit what you can/can't do with themes, etc.

    Blogger is easier for those that aren't tech-savvy because of its drag and drop feature.

    I personally prefer Wordpress but since I like to experiment I made a blog with Blogger.

    Whatever you choose, have fun experimenting and learning the ins and outs of it.

  11. I think Blogger is just more user friendly than Wordpress, and it definitely takes someone who in knowledgeable in computers to work Wordpress. Blogger just seems more of a sense of community than a professional forum like Wordpress can. So, all in the matter of preference :)

  12. Thank you Lakisha, I am happy with my blogger blog, I like the look of it at the minute, but I always wonder whether wordpress would be better. I have had the very kind offer from a fellow blogger, of having a play with wordpress at some time, so that will be an interesting experience. To see how not so tech savvy I actually am!

    Car - I agree with that, the sense of community with blogger is great. One of the things I love and that keeps me here. :)

  13. I may be the lonesome one here, but I just recently returned to Blogger from Wordpress.

    I found Wordpress a bit too tedious. Although, I do realize that Wordpress also carries a "I'm-a-serious-blogger" image to the user. I was just spending too much time posing as "serious blogger" vs putting out what I wanted to say.

    I think at the end of the day, you should go with what allows you to present what you want to say the most effective way possible.

  14. Thank you for following me on Twitter too, by the way.

  15. WordPress is more professional in layout and you have more control and flexibility as you get to know how it works. I chose it because it's open source and that's an ethical stance. As for beginners and expertise, don't be scared. Some themes are more difficult to work with than others, so when you choose a theme it will really determine a lot of your blogging experience. Check out their basic "twenty ten" theme that enables a lot of great features like a customizable header and horizontal nav bar. WordPress support and help files are fabulous, including support videos. I can understand wanting to stay on a platform if you are already established there. However, if you ever do want to transfer over (after testing it first) here is how you can import a Blogger blog to Wordpress.

  16. Both Wordpress and Blogger are great to use. The difference between the two will vary on their features and capabilities. Wordpress has two types: and Self-Hosted Wordpress. The first one is a free CMS platform based oh PHP and MySQL, which is a lot like a Blogger, minus the AdSendse. The self-hosted WP is definitely the kind of CMS platform that can take your blogging or business into a new dimension. There are also handy tools that you can absolutely use for free that can help optimize every page of your website blog.

  17. I am in the middle of starting over with wordpress from blogger. Hope I'm making the right choice.