Saturday, 23 April 2011


What are you currently reading? I'm reading two books at the minute. It's something I've started doing since I got an ereader for Christmas. It's handy if I can't sleep as I don't have to turn the light on, yet on the other hand I can't take it into the bath. 

Reading crime thrillers helps to stir my creative juices. It gets me enthused about the first draft I'm writing and sometimes getting me enthused is no mean feat. The first draft is hard work. Reading is inspirational though. I read great work. Watch how characters grow and fall and grow some more. 

I also read chick-lit and love it's easy escapism. I love the humour. So what happens is. I have a crime thriller running and a chick-lit at the same time on different mediums. You can see what they are on the side bar. 

What are you reading and what do you get out of it? 


  1. I just finished the book Earthling Hero on my e-reader. I need to finish reading a manuscript from one of my CPs. I do this on my ereader too. It is so easy to take it anywhere and work on it.

  2. Ereaders really are great aren't they. I wasn't sure I would get on with one until I was actually given one as a gift. Now I love them. I love how you carry around so many books and not feel the difficulty in that. I still love holding a book in my hands, particularly paperbacks(I'm not a fan of hardbacks)but I do make good use of the ereader.

    What genre is Earthling Hero?