Thursday, 21 April 2011


Today's A-Z blog challenge post is more of a question/open invitation to fellow bloggers.

I am currently in the middle of my first draft of my novel. It's a long drawn out process and I'm no where near reaching the point where I should be querying agents. So in the name of having a well rounded blog I'd like to ask if there is anyone currently querying agents who would be interested in writing a guest post for May on the querying process and how its been for you on a personal level.

If you would be interested in this either leave me a comment with some contact details or drop me an email. Address in the side bar.

I'd love to hear peoples experiences. How is it for you?


  1. Querying is tricky. One moment, it is so very thrilling. Another, it's horrifying. Seriously a rollercoaster LOL! But, as long as you have good writer friends to obsess with and confide in, it will all be just fine. The query trenches are no match for a positive writer!

  2. This is such a great idea! I'll stay tuned :)

  3. Lindsay - That's the great thing with the social networks isn't it, Twitter, blogging and Facebook, you build up friendships with people who are feeling the same things and the same frustrations. It would be so much more difficult without everyone here.

    Jolene - Thanks for being 120!

  4. Rebecca, I'd love to guest post. I feel like I've been querying forever and have it down to a science ;) I'll dm you on FB with my info if you're interested...

    BTW I can't believe I wasn't following you! Great blog!

  5. Thanks for the blog comment Patti and thanks for following!

    I will drop you an email, hopefully today about guest posting. Thank you :)