Friday, 8 April 2011


Books are a passion. I love how drawn into a book you can become. Willing on the protagonist to obtain their goals. Laughing out loud and getting strange looks when you do. Wiping away tears when noone knows why you are so sad. Books take you into another world and carry you along on the ride.

Goodreads is a great place to share this passion. Books are added to bookshelves, be they read, currently reading or to-read. You can write and share reviews and reading book reviews written by friends has often led to my putting that book on my to-read shelf. My to-read shelf grows by the week.

I have even read books that I may never have otherwise read simply because of a great review  

If you're a bit if a bookworm then add me as a friend on goodreads and lets open up our to-read lists. Click on the image to add me and happy reading!


  1. We're already goodread buddies! ^^

  2. I love goodreads. I have an account. Love to be friends. =D

  3. Perfect G word! I will add you as a friend, I love Goodreads, it's an awesome site for book lovers.

  4. Patricia - oh yeah! :-)

    RaSelle - Great, I'll see you there!

    Karen - Thanks Karen, I'm fairly new to it, but loving how it works.

  5. Hey Rebecca ~~ my first time hearing about Goodreads . I'm going to check it out and see how it works . Thanks for sharing ...


  6. We're already friends on goodreads and I agree with you that it is a good place to expand To Be Read piles!