Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Firstly, I have to apologise for anyone following the A-Z challenge as I know I'm a day behind with it. I haven't been feeling great and as well as not being up to date, I haven't visited many blogs either. I hope to rectify this over the next few days. I hope to catch up.

However, if you are here reading this, then I'm taking it that you enjoy blogging, you enjoy reading the blogs of others and enjoy sharing your own thoughts, experiences and knowledge. If so, then you also want your blog to grow a steady and consistent readership. It's one thing to draw traffic to your blog by participating in blog challenges like this, but getting readers to return and to comment on what you post, requires that little extra and not just the usual advice of consistent blogging and good content.

People return because they like what you say, but they also return because they like you. Providing good content is a given requirement of blogging, but you also have to add yourself into your posts. Be a person, show who you are and when people comment, read what they write. Actually read the comments, not just skim them and count the amount of comments you have. When you read the comments, respond to them. Think about your answers. Direct your responses to the person commenting, it shows you are listening and interacting. The blogosphere as I have learnt, is a social place. Be sociable and put some of yourself into it and be personable. People will return if you respond to what they have to say.


  1. Great post:) You are very right. When we blog we share a bit of who we are to our readers and build a kind of relationship with them. My blogs focus is writing but there's a few post about different topics that mean something to me. Don't worry about being behind I'm still on O lol I'm hoping to catch up today though! :)

  2. i totally agree! I think one of the great things about blogging is that you get to make personal connections with other writers/bloggers. I definitely try to respond to my comments on my blog--and click on the link to the commenter's blog as well.

  3. So true! I love to read blogs with that little personal touch - where I know the person behind the post is actually there and it's not just regurgitated content. Thanks!

  4. Good post and so true. Sometimes it sucks, I get these moments of where I'm extremely anti-social and just can't work up the motivation to look.

  5. Good points, Rebecca! My favourite posts are those that read a bit like a magazine feature, a wry look at an aspect of life with the commentator's view coming through loud and clear only by how they say it.

  6. My sentiments exactly ! And that's what I love about blogging , meeting and interacting with different individuals ~ but adding that personal touch to it .
    I'm also slightly behind , as well ...
    Thanks for visiting my blog !


  7. Great tips, Rebecca! I hope you feel better soon. xx

  8. Elise - Thank you. It's been hard work doing daily posts hasn't it! When this month ends I will have no excuse for at least maintaining some kind of regular routine in future.

    Nutschell - I've really enjoyed blogging and the people I am meeting through it. I like to respond to comments and also try and visit the commentors blogs as well, though keeping up is proving difficult some days with the challenge.

    Cillaclare - It gives it more interest doesn't it. There has to be a reason to keep going back and for me it's about the style of writing which comes from the person.

    Patricia - I know how you feel. This month has been hard work, but I think I will settle in and enjoy it more when I'm only posting three posts a week as opposed to six.

    Jaxbee - Tone ans style of voice is so important to me. Why blog if it's not going to be from you. Blogging by numbers gives no one anything.

    Mish - I'm glad I'm not alone on the being behind! People are behind the keyboards so they should let themselves shine a little :)

    Talli - Thank you. I have more energy some days than others. After this month has gone, I should be able to maintain a steady flow of posts without worrying that I have to sit down every evening. It's been a great experience though :)

  9. Great advice! I do usually respond to every comment, even if it is just to thank them for coming by. I also visit everyone who has commented.

    Good luck with the rest of the A to Z Challenge!

  10. Thanks Shannon. It can at times be difficult to do depending on how much time you have, but it is definitely worth making the effort isn't it. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of the challenge!