Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I'm really not keeping up with this blog challenge. I'm sure the letter T should have been posted in the middle of last week or something equally as ridiculous. Anyway, what else is there for T other than Twitter.

We all blog. Look, I see you here. Well as all of you know, though I'm sure not all of you use, Twitter is another social networking site. Another platform for you to use for whatever benefit you see fit. The difference between the blogging platform and twitter is that twitter is much faster and more social. With only 140 characters to use you have to be succinct and to the point. Tweeting can be done on the go a lot easier than blogging can so any worries about time constraints can be forgotten. Really it is that easy. Two minutes while you wait for the kettle to boil. Three minutes in the ad breaks of your favourite tv programmes. Twitter is made for busy people.

The key things to remember are to play with a couple of different twitter clients and see what feels right for you. I tweet from my phone and rarely from my computer so I have a couple of twitter apps which I tried until I found one I was comfortable with.

The second thing is a profile picture. You are more likely to be followed if you have a profile photograph of yourself rather than the rather bland twitter egg. There are lots of twitter spam accounts out there and people are suspicious. Be real and you will be welcomed with open arms.

And finally, interact, reply, have fun. It's not just an endless stream of what you have been doing throughout the day. It's about interaction, connecting and conversing. Twitter is quick and fun. Play around with it. Watch others and see the etiquette taking place but enjoy talking to people.

If you're on twitter or finally taking that step to joining, look me up. My twitter link is on the right hand bar.


  1. You forgot to mention how twitter sucks you in and all concept of time flies out the window. Personally, I think it's because twitter is secretly trying to take over the world while we're busy tweeting. ;)

  2. I am trying so hard to keep up with Twitter...I have only had 2 mini conversations. I will keep trying:)

  3. Patricia - You could be right, world domination could very well be what is behind the twitterverse..... I'm still not sure you could keep me away though!

    Doreen - I think it is difficult to get into when you first start, it takes a few months to get the feel of things and to get comfortable with it. If you have friends who tweet why not ask them to give you a shoutout, where they let their followers know you are new and need people on their following list.

  4. I like Twitter now. It took me a while to get used to it, but once I did, it became fun!

  5. I am the quintessential-technologically-challenged-blogger (I posted about it on my T post entitled Technology Blues ...), so I haven't done the Twitter thinggie yet . I will get around to it as soon as the A~Z is over .


  6. ive been on twitter for awhile now but I"m not sure i've fully discovered its potential. :D