Thursday, 28 April 2011


Life has a habit of getting in the way of the best laid ands that is what has happened towards to end of the A - Z challenge. 

As well as my own health and exhaustion to fight against, this week my mum has been taken into hospital. Nothing too serious as yet. A gallstone, enlarged duct and liver infection. They're keeping her in and plan to do an MRI next. I think she's hoping to have it out. 

I've been worried and unfocussed and this has meant the challenge has slid further and further down my list of priorities. I'm close, I can feel it. I can also smell it. 

So as they say, best laid plans of mice and men.... 

I may or may not make the end of the challenge but I'm still Here!


  1. Better a few days late than not finishing!

  2. Such is life. Take it easy and focus on the things that matter.
    best wishes

  3. When it rains it seems to pour, doesn't it. There will be better days ahead.... it's how we react to our circumstances that counts. I just found your blog, looking forward to many other posts. ~ Peter

  4. I love the comments!!! The blogosphere is so full of lovely people :) I totally agree with @mooderino and @Healing Well :) And like @Patricia said, you can blog later! Take care of yourself and come back when you're ready - we'll be here when you do :)

  5. I've certainly gotten lax with the last half of the alphabet myself. Don't worry.. everyone understands that family always comes first. =)

  6. Take care of your mum and yourself first. Don't be concerned about the challenge. Take care.

  7. Patricia - Thank you. I think I may have to roll the last few letters into one post.

    Mooderino - Thank you. Sometimes life just takes over the best laid plans.

    Healingwell - It most certainly does. Thank you for your kind comment.

    Jolene - Thank you :) I am finding how lovely the blogosphere is more and more. It's a great place filled with great people.

    India - Thank you. I've pretty much gone through ups and downs with it, but I'm glad I participated :)

    Bish - Thank you. She's doing ok. Still in hospital but not bad.