Saturday, 30 April 2011


I've heard more and more about Vlogging recently so thought it a good topic to look into for my Very late V post of the A to Z challenge.

Vlogging is short for video blogging. Pretty much as we all do here on our blogs, but via the medium of video rather than the written word.

You can add a video (vlog) to your already established blog or you can create specific vlog accounts. YouTube contains a lot of vlogs.

You may ask what the purpose of a vlog is if you are already blogging. Well, for writers, it is an extra medium in which to promote your work and your brand. As people we take information in better, in different formats. Some people will take and hold onto information if they read it in written form, some prefer interactive learning and others will take on board information more easily if it is in a visual format and this is where vlogging comes into it's own. So if you really want to expand your author platform (or any other platform you are wanting to promote) then it's worth looking at vlogging. It's a growing format.

You probably won't see me vlogging in the near future though as I'm a little camera shy. I'm carrying a little more weight than I'm happy with and I absolutely hate to hear myself recorded speaking. If you don't have these hurdles in front of you though, it's worth checking out what's happening in the ever growing vlogging world.


  1. I'm not sure I'd be doing the vlogging thing either. I'm just not very photogenic and I do have a little bit of vanity...sigh... (bashes it in the head hoping to beat it into submission.)

  2. I'm with you, probably won't see me doing it either. For one I have no idea how to get my webcam on my laptop working (looks at hubby) another thing: I don't much like my voice either and am more than a little camera shy.

  3. This guy did a vlog of his cat... Came across it accidentally one morning and ended up immobilised for two hours watching pointless fairly cute cat videos. Look at the stats.

  4. Bish - Don't do the head bashing! I'm sure we don't have to do it :)

    Patricia - I think there will be plenty of people in our boat who just won't be comfortable doing it.

    Astrid - I've heard you can get engrossed in clips of strange things. A guy at work says he can get lost for hours on Youtube.

  5. Rebecca,
    Not sure I'd want to vlog, but I did do a podcast (for the very 1st time) for my "X" post! That was a lot of fun and I can't wait to plan #2.

    The Write Soil