Monday, 20 June 2011

Little Mans Echocardiogram

Following on from our Ehlers Danlos Syndrome diagnosis last month, little man and I have had various referrals to multiple hospitals for tests and support. The first of these is Wednesday when little man goes for an echocardiogram.

At first the prospect of this upset him. He said he would close his eyes as he didn't want to see inside his body. After explaining how cool it would be and showing him an old ultrasound photo of himself he seemed happier with the idea. (he's a little scientist in the making).

He's ok. Did I say I was ok? Nope. Not very ok. It's my little man and they're looking at his heart. I'm his mum though, it's my job to worry. If I don't worry I'm not doing my job properly, right?

I know it's just precautionary. They do this for everyone with this diagnosis. The odds are good that he won't have a problem, but then I wonder what the odds were we'd have this crappy genetic thingy anyway.

Once it's done I will be fine. There's just one problem though. I don't know when we get the results or who we get them from. The referring consultant was from the diagnostic clinic and they don't do follow ups. I hate waiting as well. I just want to know.

Once this is out the way I will wind back the neurotic mother routine.


  1. saying prayers for the Little Man's good health and a perfect heart!

  2. I think I'd be worrying too, as would most mothers. I hope it all goes really well x

  3. I hope all goes well for you both. It is a difficult time. Thinking of you. x

  4. It must be such a worry for you but I hope it goes well, and you get the results quickly.

    Ellie Garratt

  5. Rebecca - Thank you.

    Clare - It is natural isn't it. My head tells me it will be ok, but the rest, well....

    Glynis - Thank you.x

    Ellie - It's ridiculously worrying, but I can't show it because then he'd worry. He's taking his lead from me. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope you are feeling better now x

  6. I hope it's good news Rebecca, and that they let you know who to follow up with.

    That whole worrying thing never goes away does it?

  7. Hope all goes well, Rebecca. Will think about the two of you. Another situation where you have to be Super-Mum... (sigh :) Loved the way you explained it to Little Man!

  8. Oh Rebecca :( I was told there and then that there wasn't anything to worry about. Hopefully it will be the same for both of you x

  9. Sarah - Thank you. We never stop worrying about our children, no matter how old they get do we.

    Astrid - Thank you. He's been great about the whole diagnosis thing. As long as I've been honest with him and explained it so that he has some understanding, he's been fine. Today we are going to take a photograph of his heart on the screen and print it off so he can show his teacher :)

    Bee- Thank you. Fingers crossed they do the same for us. x

  10. Wow, a photograph of his heart! Now how many of his school mates would have that (push aside the reason why he does!). I remember one of my psychology tutors using an image of his own brain to explain some theory, he had it from taking part in a study. Not something many of us had :)