Friday, 17 June 2011

Google Blog +1

I've recently noticed a new feature that has appeared at the bottom of blog posts and that is a new colourful button with the phrase +1 at the side of it. It confused me at first and I didn't dare click on it to see what it would do for fear of making my blog implode or something.

I wasn't the only one who had been wondering about this new colourful addition to the blog and as someone posed the question on a writing group I use on Facebook. The question was then very kindly answered and the mystery has been solved. So for anyone still wondering, you can find a full explanation here on the google blog, but basically it's like a Facebook "like" button and will bring posts up the google ladder in search terms.

I hope this helps *thinks I may have confused more than helped*


  1. Haha, you know I just HAD to click it. Man, if I was ever in charge of the red button...

  2. Flippin' heck! I need to create a google profile as well! :-O

    I was wondering about the +1 thingy, too, so thank you for clearing it up for us :)

  3. I'm glad you posted this, because I've been wondering about that button!

  4. Thank you for this post; I was also wondering what it was for. Guess it's a helpful tool so far as popularity for your blog is concerned.

    CJ xx

  5. I was wondering as well... I just didn't wonder hard enough to look into it!

  6. Thank you. Shows how much I notice 'stuff' I hadn't noticed it! But it would be one of those things that when I did I wouldn't click I mean it says always think of security bla bla these days so am thankful for the explanation. There are so many 'thingies' on blogs these days I like the clear ones, uncomplicated. Does that make me old fashioned eeek.

  7. Sarah - Ha! Me too, Love to click buttons :)

    Clare - I'm not sure how up to date my Google profile is to be honest.

    Mooderino - It is just like a facebook Like button, but has more power in the google ranking system because it's a google one :)

    Ranae - It's funny how many of us just sit here wondering what the button is. I'm glad I could help. (But that was only because someone helped me!)

    CJ - I think that's the plan. I wonder how well it will work.

    Patricia - Well now you don't need to work very hard at finding out :)

    Achelois - There is so much technological stuff I never understand. It's one step at a time for me and that's why I posted this, as I imagined there would be many people similar who would not know.