Saturday, 25 June 2011

Little Man Heart Update

I thought I'd post a quick update on how little man's hospital appointment went on Wednesday when he went for an echocardiogram.

Firstly, everything was fine. His heart is fine. The issue is, with him being stretchy - with the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, it's possible heart valves can be a little stretchy so not work as well. He doesn't have this issue, though they did say it is likely they will check him again at some point in the future.

Secondly, little man was really good about the whole thing. He loved seeing his heart on the screen and the blood flowing through it in blue and red and he loved hearing it beat. He listened intently as he was told that the animal with the longest pointiest heart is the giraffe with a three foot long heart.

Below is a picture of little mans actual heart.


  1. That's wonderful news Rebecca, you must be so relieved. Well done to your little man on being so good too. Interesting fact about giraffes - not something i expected to learn today :)

  2. It is interesting isn't it! I am so relieved. He may have his problems, but his heart is ok :-)

  3. So glad it was good news. Hoe amazing to have a photo of his heart though!

  4. Great news! Amazing we can see the heart beat. I had one of those done, only because my insurance paid for it. It was really cool. Little man is going to be A-okay!

  5. That is wonderful news and must be a huge relief. Sending you and Little Man virtual hugs.

    Ellie Garratt

  6. Rosalind - It's amazing to have a photo isn't it. I doubt there are many of his friends who have similar photographs.

    Stephen - It is quite cool isn't it. Seeing it look so strong was great.

    Ellei - Thank you x. It's wonderful to know he's ok. I'm a more settled mum again now :)