Monday, 11 July 2011

A Me Update

So it's only a matter of days since I boldly announce I'm going to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and if you're really lucky, sometimes on a Saturday.

And how do I feel today? Too tired to make a considered blog post. This blog post is far from considered and is being typed up on my phone from my bed.

The decision was; fail to post as I've said I would, or just say a few words about how things are going- the few words won.

It's a mixture of being busy and physically fatigued which is slowing me down on the blogging front. My day job is busy and I've had a productive weekend on my writing. I was really pleased to work my thought processes through a tangled plot hole and actually come through the other side smiling.

The busyness of the day job, family commitments and writing are wearing me out and on top of that I haven't had a decent night sleep in a week. One of the perks of Ehlers Danlos I believe.

I am worn out, but the blog, and you my blogging friends are important, so I will do my best to stick to schedule. These random garbled updates should be infrequent.

I know I am a bit behind on acknowledging your comments as well, but I always get them done and will get to them. Thank you for popping by, reading and commenting. I appreciate your time.

Anyway. I'm shattered. Time to wind down. You can expect less rambling on Wednesday. (I hope!)

If you stop by, tell me how you're doing at the minute.


  1. I'm recovering from a stupid cold :(

    Just remember to look after yourself. We're all here and we know how life gets sometimes :)

  2. I'm supposed to be out food shopping but I'm playing hookie and blog commenting instead.

    This is precisely why I've avoided setting a schedule. People in the blogosphere will drop by when a new blogpost appears on their Blog Reader and will hardly notice what day of the week it is so please don't drive yourself crazy over schedules. We've got enough problems trying to perfect our mss for publishers. This blog business is supposed to be enjoyable so have an extra hour in bed to recover and enjoy.

  3. Hi hun,

    don't beat yourself up over it. Sometimes I can go a week between posts it depends how I feel.

    I understand the not sleeping last night I was up until gone 3am as my EDS spine decided it wasn't going to co-operate with me lying down!

    Do what you can to stick to your schedule but also appreciate that life also sometimes gets in the way.

    Rach - The Myasthenia Kid

  4. I tried blogging on a schedule and didn't do well at all, I agree with others, don't beat yourself up over this! It's great you had such a productive weekend writing, that's wonderful.

    Sorry you've been feeling so fatigued, take care of yourself and I hope you are able to rest soon.

  5. Day jobs can get in the way a lot, and I give you lots of credit for sticking with your duty to a schedule despite feeling worn out. I'd never be able to keep one like you've set, I'm much to lazy. Updating a blog once a week is enough of a challenge for me.

  6. Hi Rebecca! I was thinking of deleting my blog because I keep neglecting to post anything, let alone anything well thought out! It's just lovely to hear from you as and when - and it seems that everyone else who has commented agrees! Linda x

  7. Sarah - Thanks Sarah, I hope the cold has eased now x

    Rosalind - That sounds like sensible advice. Thank you!

    Rach - Thanks Rach. It all got in the way and I failed on Friday! It's beena rough few days, but I'm hopefully coming out the other end with a few days off work. I hope your spine is giving you some rest now x

    Thank you Julie. It's a nice idea to stick to a schedule, but not always possible as I found out last week!

    Jenny - Unfortunately I did fail last week. I think organisation is part of the knack of keeping a schedule - mind you that isn't always my strong suit either!

    Linda - Don't delete it! It will be there when you fancy posting and when you don't, then it's ok not to post. I have found a great group of people in the blogosphere and I'm so glad I do it even if I don't always stick to schedule :)