Friday, 1 July 2011

Blog Schedule

Following on from a previous blog post where I discussed the possibility of setting a blogging schedule, I've decided the best thing for the blog and I is to have a running schedule.

I'm a slightly disorganised person so if I have deadlines and schedules I'm more likely to make sure things get done. I work better under pressure than left to my own devices with time spanning out in front of me.

So, for the blog, I intend to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and if I've got enough to say, I will also blog on Saturday's.

I'm not going to go as far as to give a theme for each day but I will be here with a little something to say and I hope you will join me.

I will be here tomorrow as I'm a little excited about something!


  1. This is what I like about the blogosphere. Finding out about people, you are the complete opposite of me. I am deadline phobe; is that a word I ask myself. It would just put me under immense stress to set a self imposed blogging deadline(s). My only possible hint of being near one would be to manage to post about something that would be of vague interest to anybody that isn't moaning about having ehlers danlos! Or even to post at all as I have dreadful bloggers block right now.

    Now I am obviously dying of curiosity about the 'something' we get to find out about tomorrow!

  2. Mon/Wed/Fri is the schedule I try to keep to as well, I don't often manage it though!

    I'm with Achelois, dying to know what you're a little excited about :)

  3. Achelois - Deadlines make me do things. If I don't have them I turn into a master of procrastination. It's what I'm best at. As for bloggers block, I find blogfests are great for that. Look at some blogs, find a blogfest and sign up for it. They are a great way of meeting new bloggers and getting the blogging flow going again. Also think about things you are interested in and choose one to talk about as well as the EDS, that way you don't feel so down on your blogging. There are some amazing blogs out there on a multitude of subjects.

    Sarah - Life sometimes gets in the way doesn't it? Knowing I should be posting on certain days, should actually make me get the posts out there though. That's the plan anyway!

    Saturdays blog post is now up :)