Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How I Feel about Blogging

Following on from Fridays blog post where I discussed the issues of a blog platform and personal interaction, I wanted to write about how I personally feel about blogging. Making Fridays post has helped me with it somewhat. It made me take a step back and have a good look at what I have here and how I feel about it.

When I make a post people take the time to stop by, read and then generously comment. I've recently noticed that I'm coming across those very commenters on other blogs and it's become a more regular thing as my own interactions with my commenters and fellow bloggers grows

This shows to me that this blog is so much more than just a platform. It is getting it's own identity in a place where I have found a great bunch of people, a great community. At first blogging is a slow process and you can feel as though you are talking to yourself but hanging in there and actually taking the time to talk to those who take their time to stop by and talk to you is pretty rewarding.

Bloggers names I see regularly popping up and other blogs I read have really shown me the community we have here. So for anyone new and starting out with blogging, I'd say, stay with it. One day you will notice you are actually recognising people and they you and you have conversations. It's a great feeling.

So, whether this blog is a traditional platform or a place to talk to great people and share experiences along the way. I'm extremely glad I took the blogging plunge and started Life in Clarity up.

Sometimes I have so much more to say than 140 characters will let me sum up.

How do you feel about your blog and it's place in the blogosphere? Love it or find it a time sucking black hole?


  1. People are obviously busy with their own lives, but I really enjoy it when a conversation develops in the comments of someone's blog post (sometimes even my own). Hopefully it will happen more over time.

    Moody Writing

  2. I'm fairly new to blogging and I don't get many comments. I blog when I feel a need to and words just come into my head. Hopefully as time goes on my blogs will get better.

  3. You make a really good point. I have also noticed familiar names (Mooderino for one!) on other blogs I comment on.

  4. Blogging does take time and the more you invest the bigger return you usually will get. It took me a couple months before I started getting any appreciable numbers of people commenting on my posts. However the more I commented on other blogs, the more visitors I started getting to my site. Once they start coming they usually return if your content is relatively consistent and regularly scheduled.

    Tossing It Out

  5. I really enjoy my blogging, both my own blog and reading others. I agree with you about the community, I've found lots of new blogs by seeing what other 'regular' names are reading.

    I'm like you, I love to see names I 'know' pop up all over the place. In fact, I remember recently thinking you and I were following each other all over the blogosphere one morning!

  6. You expressed my feelings perfectly! And it doesn't have to be a time suck. Once a blog is established it's not too time-consuming to keep up those contacts and build new ones. So far I've not come across anything in the social media world that replaces blogging.

  7. Blogging was my first step into writing, and I didn't even know it at the time. I used to write a knitting and food blog several years ago, and enjoyed it immensely.

    It doesn't have to be a time-suck. But, it can be if one makes it so. I wish I could blog more, but I sometime I feel like I run out of words for the actual fiction work.

    I just hope people find what I do blog about inspiring.

  8. I'm really bad at continuing the dialogue and leaving comments on posts - I think I've even left a comment of yours on my blog unreplied, Rebecca, so apologies for that.

    I'm not used to having comments, because my blog started with just my (non-writer) friends reading it. And they never had anything to say. Now, as I'm getting more, I can't keep up, and I always forget to check the 'email follow-up' button (I've checked it now!!)

  9. I agree with you 100%! I've been amazed at the wonderful community I've discovered through blogging, it's much more than I ever expected, and I feel grateful to be a part of it. I enjoy seeing the familiar names pop up as well, and I love discovering new blogs.

    Great post! Hope you have a great weekend ahead. :)

  10. I love blogging, I can reach out and connect with people I would never be able to otherwise. I'm still getting started, but I feel like I'm off to a good start and I'm glad to see that you think blogging is worthwhile. And I don't think it counts as a time suck if it's time you want to spend.

  11. What a nice post! I, too, am new (and inconsistent) to blogging. I've taken your lead on several things, however, and really enjoy your blogs and other comments I see elsewhere. Like mooderino, I enjoy the conversations and interchanges and getting to know people in this way. After all, we're writers (I tell myself) so why wouldn't we want to write our comments and thoughts--and reflect and learn from others? Keep up the good work! x

  12. Hi Rebecca. Just started following. I'm about to start the journey into blogging and it really shakes me. I know I need to-- I'm a writer, a fiction writer- and it's almost a must.I'm terrified that I will fail, but your post puts it in its proper place. I enjoy twitter and was amazed at the friends I've found.
    So off I go into the unknown.

    Thanks for this post. It has helped.

  13. I feel I have a love-hate relationship with my blog. I love the way it has taught me to write regularly and inspired me to keep going. I love the blogging community and the opportunities you gain through it. But I hate how much time it sometimes sucks up, and how weak I can be when it comes to ensuring I spend more time writing than blogging.

    I'd never give it up, though!

    Ellie Garratt

  14. I really enjoy the blogging community, and though I sometimes struggle to figure out how much time to spend with my blog, I don't regret having started it.

  15. Hi Rebecca ~ I haven't visited your blog for a while . I love writing & blogging ... if I had my own way , I would read and comment on every writing blog (well , ALMOST every blog ...)
    I love the idea of building relationships with other writers/bloggers ... which DOES take time to develop ...

  16. Mooderino - The blogging world is so big, I know how difficult it can be to make comments some days never mind going back to continue a conversation, but it's always good to hear from people.

    Margaret - I think it does take a little while to get a blog going. In comparison to many blogs I follow, my blog is small. It's all about mixing - as you would at a party - and building your connections that way. Good luck with your blog.

    Patricia - It is lovely to see the familiar names isn't it. It makes the huge world of blogging feel that bit more personal when you see familiar people.

    Lee - It does take investment and that can be the difficult part for many people. I am striving for consistency. It's not always easy, but I have seen my blog grow and that is a great feeling.

    Sarah - I remember that morning! It is a community and it has a wonderful feel to it doesn't it.

    Karen - I'm a big Twitter fan, but I'm falling in love with blogging more and more. It's something I'm definitely glad I started.

    Mieke - It does give you an opportunity to find your voice doesn't it.

    Annalisa - I always try to respond to comments, but as you see from this post, it sometimes takes me a few days to get them done.

    Thanks Julie. It is a wonderful community isn't it and a great place to find some brilliantly informative posts.

    Jenny - It does take some time to get into blogging. At first it can feel as though you are talking to yourself, but it's worth sticking with it.

    Thanks Cynthia, I appreciate the comment. Blogging is a wonderful way to interact with other writers and bloggers and there are some great blogs out there where I have picked up some brilliant gems of information. Good luck with the blogging.

    Dannie - Thanks for following and good luck with the blog. You won't fail. Just keep talking and visiting other bloggers and it will grow from there.

    Ellie - It is about finding that fine line isn't it and then trying to walk it. I'm so glad I found the world of blogging.

    Shannon - It's a lovely community. Spend the time you want to spend blogging and enjoy what you do. It's the best way to enjoy it.

    Mish- Thanks for dropping by again, it's lovely to see you. It's about striking a balance isn't it. Do what you can and enjoy what you do :)