Friday, 20 April 2012

Pinterest And The Queen's Jubliee

Yes, I know, I'm failing miserably at this A to Z challenge. Honestly though, work has been so much more hectic and demanding than it usually is and it's leaving me too exhausted to write blog posts when I get home. Excuses, excuses.

Today though, is the first in four days off, so I fully intend to catch up, so here are posts P and Q.


Have you checked out Pinterest yet? I have recently joined and I am officially addicted. When I first joined, I didn't think I would be. Pinning pictures on to virtual cork-boards and that's it? What is to get addicted about?

Pretty pictures! Idea's! Recipes!

I have several boards up and running now. One of which is my bucket list - obviously in image format. It's brilliant - look!                                                              

Another board I have that is actually useful is my Food and Drink Board. I actually made a homemade malteser cheesecake simply because I found it on Pinterest. I also made Turkish Delight Vodka, which I have to tell you, was delightful.

The other boards I have are Because I love the imagery. Beautiful places and simply beautiful pictures. If you're on there, look me up. My link is in the right   hand bar of the blog. If you're not, give it a try and see if you can stop yourself being sucked in to it!                                                                             

Queen's Golden Jubilee. 

On Sunday the 3rd of June, Queen Elizabeth celebrates sixty years on the throne. That's a long time and she must have seen some massive changes in the country in that time and is a part of a great history.

Our street has decided we are going to throw a street party. I was really surprised that people were up for it to be honest, but it's being planned with real enthusiasm. Plans are afoot for bunting, Hog roast, bouncy castles and discos on the street. It really sounds like it will be great fun and a fantastic opportunity to get to know the neighbours a little better. It's something I didn't expect to see in our modern times, but now it's happening, I can't wait. I will take photos and let you know how it went. I'm hoping for sunshine. Maybe that's asking a bit too much?

Are you doing anything that day?


  1. We had a street party the day of the Royal wedding, and it was SO much fun! There are a lot of things going on in my town Jubilee weekend, so I suspect I will join in!

  2. Totally a Pinterest addict :) My excuse is that I can maybe us it for some book promotion as well as just pretty pictures :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  3. You're the second person I've seen write about Pinterest as part of the Challenge. I'm definitely going to try it now, although I'm afraid of getting addicted.

    The street party sounds like a great time. :)

  4. i was very into pinterest, before i got busy with the a-z thing---an although i still like it, i wondered from the get go--what was the point haha

  5. Pinterest? I need to investigate.
    I want to imagine this Queen's party. I really like all things queenly.

  6. I joined Pinterest last week - stupid to do it right now as I have enough writing-distraction through the A-Z. As a result, not much there yet. But I love your shoes board - it's inspired me to go shoe shopping with my birthday money :-)

    As for the Jubilee - not much going on down my way. But I do have a picture of me aged 3 dressed up for the Silver one!

  7. Yeah, totally an pintrest junkie. Um...doing nothing for the Jubilee. But I'll probably be packing, lots of packing, and my sister has a banquet I'll be going to.