Wednesday, 11 April 2012

James Patterson

Well, this is the tenth day of the April A to Z challenge and we're on the letter J. I did attempt to be organised and wrote a few posts ahead of time, but this one is just being thrown together as I'm unprepared and short of time due to long hours and odd shifts at work this week. I apologise if I'm not getting back to visiting everyone very quickly, but I fully intend to catch up and pop by and see you all.

How is everyone finding the challenge this year?

Anyway, back to J. James Patterson is a US crime writer I love. Particularly his Alex Cross novels. I've read them all from the beginning and following characters through years of books is something I really enjoy. I love to see the life changes and how this affects them and their relationships. Alex Cross has had a particularly rough ride as you can imagine the protagonist of a crime series, to have had. I'm surprised he's still standing and sane!

What I like about these books are the short chapters and quick movement. One chapter ending draws you immediately into wanting to read the next and I can't stop turning the pages. Some people believe he writes very formulaic and don't particularly like his books because of this, but he's a massive seller and a lot of people love his books, me included. I don't care if he has the formula down to pat. He keeps me turning the pages, it's not taxing on my brain and I love getting drawn in to an easy, enjoyable, fast read.

Another thing about Jame Patterson, is he is actively employed in encouraging reading in children and has a great website - Read Kiddo Read. So no matter what you think of his books, he has a genuine love of reading and writing and what's not to love about that?

Who do you read that has you turning the pages nearly faster than you can finish the page?


  1. Hi Rebecca
    I have to agree that there is a time when I want to read a book that isn’t too taxing. Used to read a lot of his books, but need to spread my time more evenly across a wider range of authors to see how they have become successful at being published…

  2. I've never read a James Patterson novel, I'm more of a Kathy Reichs/ Karen Rose person. Always mean to give him a read.

  3. I love books that suck me in like. There's a fifth grade student who has been going through the James Patterson books this year.

  4. James Patterson is amazing. I haven't read many of his books, but the ones I read, I loved.

  5. You make some good points here. He's obviously doing something right :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  6. i think the book that i have not been able to read fast enough, was the shack---although it liked it--it did not live up to the hype

  7. Gah, this challenge is kicking my butt. My brain fizzles and Google Reader reaches critical every day ;_; But I'm enjoying it.

    I haven't read a lot of Patterson, but I did read the Maximum Ride series. They were okay at the beginning.

  8. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z Challenge. Lovely blog...good luck with the challenge!

    Donna L Martin

  9. I've never been a big crime novel fan, but I loved him on Castle! :)

  10. gosh those 10 days raced past lol
    I know this authors name but I have not tried his books. I think I will as I tend to stick to the same ones all the time. Think its good to think out of our safe box sometimes.
    If you have time please come visit at my blog
    Im now following

  11. Terrific author and certainly worthy of a blog post! Thanks.

    If you've the chance, pop over to my blog and take a peek. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series for kids. A new book about Winter, the dolphin, will launch next month.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I haven't read any of the Alex Cross books yet, but I have a few of them waiting for me. I have been looking forward to them for a bit. I like short chapters that lead into the next it draws me in very effectively as well.

  13. I am convinced that his uses ghost writers. Either that or he had like 100 novels stashed on his computer before he got published. I swear he has a new release every day!