Friday, 3 February 2012

April A to Z Blogging Challenge

On Monday, Lee over at Tossing It Out opened the April A to Z blogging challenge sign up linky.

Many of you will be aware what this challenge consists of as I know I raised my follower count last April doing this challenge. For those who haven't yet heard of this, it's concept is simple. You post a blog post every day (other than Sundays) with title of posts/themes going from A to Z. It's hard work as I found out last year. I failed with 2 or 3 letters, but other than that, it was a good go for the first year I'd participated.

It's a great tool for finding other bloggers out there and making new connections. Last year I think over a thousand bloggers signed up. The idea is to visit your fellow A to Z bloggers, but with numbers like that signing up, I  don't think it's possible to do that. My thoughts on it, is to visit as many as I can and particularly any bloggers who leave me comments. One piece of advice I read last year, just before commencing the challenge was to write some posts in advance. It's recognised that this is a time consuming challenge. I didn't manage to write any before it started, but with two months notice, I am definitely going to try and get a few written up and stored under my belt for April coming around. That way I have more time for visiting fellow bloggers rather than pulling my hair out wondering what I'm going to blog about on any given day.

If you fancy joining a massive blogging effort, then pop over to Lee's opening post and sign up. Also there are links to the A to Z blog and posts of advice.

So, who's joining me in this? Come on, don't let me sweat through this alone!


  1. I didn't write any in advance last year either, but I'm planning ahead this year too. So far I've done A. 25 to go!

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  2. Have fun, Rebecca! I'm sure you will - the A to Z is a great way to gain new followers, too.

  3. I've signed up, and I made a start on A last night because I was bored. I've also written the list of posts I plan to do - all except X. This will be my first time, so I'm a little nervous about reaching the end.

  4. Since so many people I follow signed up, I'm joining too. As of, oh, two hours ago. I think I'll be a fun challenge.

  5. I signed up and have started writing the posts already. I know myself. This will require some planning.

  6. I've signed up for another round of this as well, can't wait until it starts. Last year was so much fun. :)

  7. Hi Rebecca,

    All the best with the challenge. I always have fun reading everyone's entries!

  8. I had great fun with the AtoZ last year and can't wait until this year.

  9. I really enjoyed the Challenge last year. My plan is to write some posts in advance, but there's also a part of me that wants the whole thing to be spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment. We'll see.