Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Weekend In York.

This weekend I went away to York with friends I've known since school. We went on Friday and came back late yesterday. I had a ball. We laughed constantly and the weather was on our side. To say it was mid November the sky was blue and I got away with wearing just a light jacket.

York is a beautiful place so I thought I'd share some photographs of my time there, with you.

The Minster at night.

It would seem Christmas is on its way.

The Minster set against an unbelievable November blue sky.

The ghost walks of York.

York is just so beautiful.

Last but by no means least... I had to have my photograph taken with a Storm Trooper. Who wouldn't?

What is one of your favourite cities of beauty?


  1. My favorite city to visit is San Francisco. And after that Monterey, also in California along the Pacific coast. Both beautiful charming cities. Enjoyed these pictures of York! Look at that lovely blue sky, what a nice day for a visit and glad you gave us photos!

  2. These were lovely. I haven't been to York for such a long time. I need to get back there :-)

  3. Karen - I'm glad you liked the photographs. Sometimes cities are imagined as harsh places, but York is far from that. It is beautiful and we were lucky with mild November weather.

    Sarah - Thank you Sarah. It really was a lovely couple of days. I'd suggest you go after Christmas though, it was bedlam!

  4. I stayed in York overnight on my way home from Scotland a few years ago - I saw enough to know I wanted to go back, but haven't made it yet. It's a long way to travel, for me. Those photos are wonderful.

  5. Oh, lovely. I've never been to York, and it's on my list. And wasn't last weekend gorgeous?

  6. I have never been to York but it looks amazing. I really must go there and after reading this I should make it sooner rather than later. x

  7. York looks amazing but how come it was so warm there? It was cold and foggy in the Midlands. I'm not sure that I have a favourite City in the UK although I always enjoy visiting London.

  8. It's been a long time since I visited York, but I fell in love with it. I don't remember seeing any stormtroopers though ;)
    Your photos are great!

  9. Oh, what a gorgeous place! The US doesn't have all those amazing old Cathedrals like that. The storm trooper pic is pretty funny, too!