Friday, 18 November 2011

The Second Book.

So while I'm waiting patiently to hear back from the agent, (Guess which word in that sentence doesn't quite ring true) I thought I'd have a relaxing couple of weeks. After all I'm not going to the day job and then having to come and slave away at my home desk to complete the first book. I thought I'd be able to catch up with my To-be-read pile, which is growing, literally, by the day, and I could spend a bit more time downstairs with the family. I figured I'd do this before starting on book two.

Who was I kidding. The story for the next book in the series is nudging me in the brain day and night. It just won't go away. So two days after sending the first book to the agent for them to look at and respond to, I'm already putting together the next book in my head. Not just in my head though, oh no. I've written two pages of notes and googled a few points I need to look at for research.

I was under the misguided impression that I could try write this book and if I couldn't do it, I would go back to finish the Open University degree. That was what I said in a blog post in about October last year. Now though, now I realise I really really want to write. Stories. All the time. So regardless of what happens with this one agent, I'm sticking with it. I will do any rewrites necessary and keep submitting and I will also make a start on the second book.

I have the bug. I think I'm a writer.

At what point did you realise you were a writer and not just dabbling, that it was seriously what you wanted to do? Was there a specific point it became more real for you?


  1. I think this is excellent. It'll take your mind off that thing you're waiting to hear about :-)

    As for me, it's still not real.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I know you will get there, you have the determination to keep going and that's one of the key ingredients. x

  3. Your bug is well and truly lodged!

    I had a couple of years away from writing when I was 18/19, which sounds far too young to have a break, but I've always written so that was a good 5 years into proper writing. The urge to write again was far too strong though. (Maybe if I'd stopped during my GCSEs I'd have done better?)

    Fingers still crossed about the first novel too!!!

  4. Congratulations of discovering who you are this yea. A wonderful present to self. LOL

  5. I think you have been well and truly bitten byt the writing bug! For me it happened as I finished my first book and was so excited to realise I truly had a good story and it had all came out of my brain!!

  6. I think you have been well and truly bitten byt the writing bug! For me it happened as I finished my first book and was so excited to realise I truly had a good story and it had all came out of my brain!!

  7. Start working!

    It was about two years ago when I realized that I wasn't just playing around with this thing I've been doing. I was writing a scene where a character walked on and took over. I followed where he brought me. At that point I realized that this was I wanted to do and be known for till the end of my days.

  8. I think this sounds like a great plan to help with the wait on the agent, and it's wonderful that you've been inspired to write more. I can relate to you, as I've just come to the realization that writing is what I really want to do in the past year or so as well. All of the sudden I realized this is the first time I've felt like I'm really doing what I love. I have to keep going from there.

    Best of luck with your new novel, and I hope you get good news soon from the agent!!

  9. I'm in awe of you - I know you work and have a family, so WELL DONE. I wish I had some of your determination. I write because I have to and can't contemplate a life now without writing, but I'm easily disheartened, tend to use a busy life-style as an excuse and don't have much staying power for long projects as a result. I'm taking a leaf out of your book. It's so great that your first book is finished and OUT THERE. Absolutely amazing.

  10. Sounds like you're steaming ahead now. Not sure when I finally managed to say to someone 'I'm a writer' but it still feels strange and their response is always a little off-putting. One lady recent responded with, 'What on earth do you want to do that for?'

  11. Annalisa - Thank you. You can definitely tell when the bug has bitten can't you. It just doesn't leave you alone!

    Thank you Wendy.

    Pat - It certainly is an amazing feeling when you finish that book and know you were the one who wrote it all!

    Mieke - It's funny how that happens isn't it. I would never have believed it had it not happened a part way through my own work. They actually take on a life of their own.

    Julie - Thank you. It's about the love of it isn't it. After that you can't keep away!

    Thanks Linda. It hasn't been easy and I've taken snippets of time when I can. The trick is to keep going. It took longer than I wanted it to, but that is because of the extra parts of my life that need the intention. Keep plugging away and you'll be surprised how soon the word count goes up and you see your work forming into what you imagined.

    Rosalind - What an odd comment indeed. I'd be quite taken aback by such a comment. Why does anyone in life do anything? We enjoy it, it what we want to spend time doing. Even if it's not writing, everyone has their something.