Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Patricia Cornwell In Harrogate

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get a ticket to an amazing event in Harrogate where the United States queen of crime, Patricia Cornwell was being interviewed on stage and then book signing.

Prior to the event I met up with a couple of lovely friends and we shared a cream tea. It was heavenly, if only the service would have matched the taste.

After that we all filed into the hall to find our seats, where after sitting somewhere close to the back, I was found a wonderful seat, just four seats back.

The event was great. Patricia talked about how she has stopped ageing Scarpetta as she doesn't want to age her and potentially retire her.

She explained the moment Lucy walked into her line of sight in one of the episodes and she found out Lucy was gay. It's a very organic way of writing. The characters have their lives and do their own thing.

Cornwell did admit to regretting killing Benton off, almost immediately, so she brought him back.

She did say she absolutely would not kill Scarpetta off, so that's a blessing for fans.

As far as the movie goes, it's still early stages, I think screenwriting was mentioned. Angelina Jolie is still "attached" to the project. The film will not portray any of the books but will stand alone and in Kay's earlier career, hence using a younger actress I presume.

After the interview she stayed around to sign books. As far as social media goes she's very interactive with her twitter and Facebook. Check her out.

I will leave you a slightly blurry image of her signing some books.

A truly great evening and one I was glad I shared with friends


  1. Mo and I enjoyed it too, Rebecca. Lovely to meet up with you again. Who ate all the scones?

  2. I think it's so interesting listening to writers talking about their work. I've only ever seen Helen Fielding live though, which is kind of odd and not who I'd have chosen, but still interesting.

    Those scones are immense!

  3. Jealous jealous JEALOUS!!!!! :)

    Looks fantastic.

  4. I'm jealous too, looks like a fantastic night. Glad you had such a good experience! I've read a lot of the Scarpetta books so it's interesting to read some of Cornwell's thoughts on the characters.
    Also, the cream tea looks so yummy! :)

  5. Mari - I'm not sure who ate all the scones, they did disappear quite quickly though!

    Annalisa - It really was a great experience. Especially hearing her talk about her characters as I have read the whole series. A great evening.

    Talli - It was great :)

    Julie - It was a great experience to hear her talk about how she thinks and how the characters talk to her. It's an event I'm definitely glad I attended.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm envious :-)