Saturday, 5 November 2011

Networking While Writing

Networking while writing. How do people find the time to network with fellow writers when in the throes of writing?

As you know, I've have failed miserably at keeping my blog up to date as I do this last push to completion. It's not just the lack of upkeep though. Blogging works and is important, not because of the things we write in our posts, but because of the connections we make with fellow bloggers and writers (if you're a writer and reading this).

Writing is an isolating hobby/job. It's something you do on your own. So for me, connecting with my fellow bloggers is important. It is you, yes you reading this, that are important to me. So the problem comes when you're pushing so hard at your work in progress that you can't keep up with the people you probably need a friendly word from, a cheer as you gallop towards the last hurdle of the current stage in the quest for the golden gauntlet of publication.

How do people marry up this difficulty. Spend a little less time writing? Or hope that those friendly blogger you think are so great, will wait patiently for you? Or is blogging a fickle world?

How do those crazy people (only my opinion) manage to do NaNoWriMo and then go on to socialise on the official site? I couldn't do both!

How do you write and network? Can both happen in a working persons life? I'd love your views on this.


  1. Sorry I can't offer advice, Rebecca, because I haven't got it sorted myself yet. And worse, I use my blog to procrastinate - I love to weave my way through people's blogrolls, until I'm so far away from where I started, I've forgotten what I was doing in the first place.

    I have tried - and it may actually work for you - organising my time on Outlook - blocks of time for writing, looking at blogs with a cuppa and housework.... although so far I ignore it!

    I hope you work it out to your satisfaction - maybe dropping out of your blog for a couple of weeks at a time is the best way for you?

  2. I'm supposedly doing NaNo (although my word count is currently zero) but there is no way I'm going anywhere near the forums or I'd never get anything done. I use blog reading as a break from writing or editing. I can usually only concentrate for about 30-40 minutes before I have to take 10 minutes out, but I'm getting quite good at getting back to it after a short break.

  3. Nice to see you here again, Rebecca. I think you've got your priorities right... if you're writing, that's the main thing. I think we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves, sometimes things come easier than other times. I've not been blogging either for a while (except on my work blog, which isn't about fiction) and not written much either. Somebody has to earn money etc., it's life... I try not to beat myself up over it. I am a writer. But I'm more than that - and sometimes a part of me takes time out. You're finding the time to write. Which is great.

    Have missed your updates. But that also means we (can I talk in others' names?) still remember you. x

  4. I think it's a hard balance. And I DO find when I'm in the throws of a book, I am on Twitter and FB less. But it varies from day to day too and what other things are happening in my life. Good luck with your final push :)

  5. Like you, I like to use social media because writing is such isolating business. I think of reading others' blogs or tweeting as taking little breaks from writing. It's true that I could spend more time writing if I spent less time social networking, but if I worked nonstop I'd go crazy. So I think it's a fair tradoff. LOL

  6. I'm afraid I'm finding it hard to divide up my time. I get so easily distracted with the social networking that my writing is taking second place a lot of the time. Let me know if you find the solution!

  7. ...this is an interesting topic that continues to pop up in conversation. Keeping up with one's Blogger Buddies while finishing up that WIP can indeed be tedious at times. My advice is to keep the project on the forefront, while sneaking in an hour or two for networking as time permits. I would never spend an evening chatting on Blogger with a chapter hanging in the balance, waiting to be written.

    Hope this helps!

    El ;)

  8. Annalisa - I've done that before! - following a link of blogs and forgetting where I was up to. I'm not sure I'd be any better than you at organising my time for blogging. I think once you sit down to do it, time just runs away with you. I do want to keep my blog up and running again now I'm back, so I will just have to try and find that time.

    Sarah - I'm exactly like that when I'm writing. I have to do it in spurts then stop and do something else for ten minutes. Because it is just such a short stop though, I tend to find myself on Twitter.

    Good luck with Nano!

    Astrid - Thank you! It's really lovely to be back to be honest, and to see familiar faces as well. I know what you mean, life tends to just get in the way sometimes doesn't it. I hope you manage to get a bit more time to do the things you enjoy as well.

    Thanks Rachel - Sometimes we have to give something up to do what it is we really want to do and I found that. I love blogging and my blogger friends so I think I'm about ready to be back now. :)

    Ranae - I absolutely agree, it is a fair trade-off! This past week, as I've got stressed about whether my manuscript is ready, has meant I've needed to out here with people who know what it's like rather than sitting on my own getting more and more wound up. It's probably why I started blogging again before I was actually finished.

    Rosalind - Social networking can get addictive can't it! I find it's easier to keep up with Twitter because it's so quick. Blogging does tend to take more time. It's trying to strike that balance!

    Elliot - I think that's why I haven't been here. I was so focused on my work, but now, I'm about at the end, I'm a little stressed and being able to talk to fellow writers makes me feel less alone.