Monday, 3 January 2011

Writing; Fun or Dedication

Ive been reading blogs, facebook groups, twitter comments and writing magazines and there seems to be a lot of words bandied about like, determination and dedication, in relation to writing, with suggestions that we should be writing every day without fail, making ourselves sit down and write even when we don't want to or are simply too tired. 

For me, this takes the fun out of writing. I don't want to make it a chore, something I detest and do through gritted teeth like I would when the bathroom needs cleaning. 

For me writing is fun. It's exciting seeing the words bring something to life and seeing that it's me sitting there actually creating them. Its an amazing feeling. I don't want to turn that off because it would put me in the category of not dedicated or disciplined.   

Yes I'm writing a novel and I'm fully determined to complete it and push for publication ( I know that not an easy journey but that's off point) Just because I'm slower at it does not make me any less talented. (I'm not banging my own drum here but if I were talented) Just because I don't make myself do it when I don't feel like it, doesn't mean my words don't make a person on the page come alive and be believable. (obviously my talent isn't set in stone that I'm any good, but if I was, how long it's taking me to write it, won't detract from my greatness. ) 

Writing doesn't pay the bills. In fact I haven't seen a single penny. I have a full time job, which, to be honest is pretty exhausting at the minute (health issues) then I have a husband, house and kids to come home to as do many writers. Even when I get published, I know I'm still going to have to do both jobs and at that point I may have writing deadlines to keep. But now, now writing is fun, it's exciting and it's done when I feel I want to or when I feel well enough to push myself even if I don't want to but thats few and far between. 

Writing isn't something I must do or I shrivel up and turn into a spineless jellyfish. I wasn't born to write. It's not in my genes. It's not what I was made to do. Lots of phrases I hear thrown about quite freely to be honest. Writing is what I enjoy doing. 

I will write my novel in full and complete it this year, but I will not take the joy out of it by thinking I couldn't possibly be a real writer if I don't write every day. I am a real writer. I write. I can be published even if I'm slow. 

I know this goes against the grain of a lot of writers and how writing should be approached, but it's how I feel about it and I'm writing and having fun when I do it, even if its not everyday.

What do you think is needed to be a writer? Do you feel you have to do it even when you don't want to and if so, is any of the joy removed?


  1. If it's not fun, you're unlikely to be paid for it anyway.

    I write - and always have written - because I'm useless at everything else. Career-wise, that is. And yes, it's hard. It's depressing at times too. But the actual nitty-gritty of it, the work itself, that's more fun than not.

    That is, the hard is what makes it fun. If it was easy, there'd be no fun in it.

    And I get paid for it too. ;-)

  2. I write every day because I believe writing is a discipline. The more I do it, the better I become at it. I get up 2 hours before I have to in order to fit in before going to work. However, I do not write in my novel in progress if I am not enjoying it, instead I write a blog post, or go on twitter or catch up on emails. I consider of that to be writing also as it allows me time to engage with my readers in a different way :) Good luck, I look forward to reading your finished novel.

  3. I don't write every day either, and I couldn't. I write when a story jumps into my head, or when I feel the urge to. I have tried in the past to write when I am not in the mood and I can sit there for hours and only write 50 words. I don't do that any more. You're more likely to find me on Twitter during those moments ;o)

  4. Charles Bukowsky used to write even he was drunk. Most of his books have been doen in this way and he had got always good reviews.
    I do not like his writtens but I suppose he was a writer because he felt the necesity of writing.

  5. Jane - Good point about the likely hood of not getting paid if we don't enjoy it. If we don't enjoy it, how should we expect others to.

    Denyse - I never thought of it like that. That blogging and the other stuff is a part of the writing. Maybe I'm just giving myself too much of a hard time when I'm not working on my WIP. Another thing, I have met some great people on the social networks, twitter, here and Facebook and I need to read their stuff. I shall order your book!

    Rebecca - Thank you! That sounds like me. I can't seem to make myself write if I'm really not in the mood, but I do do the other stuff particularly twitter :)

  6. Anonymous - I could try drinking, but I'd never get up in a morning!