Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Connections

This blog post is part of a blog fest created by Patti Larson over at her blog here Details are also posted on the Facebook group "Fellow Writers". I thought I would take part and see what happens. Its my first blog fest so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, but I'm sure someone will let me know pretty promptly if I'm screwing it up.

The theme for the fest is connections. It can be connections of any description including but not restricted to real life connections, virtual connections and connections between fictual characters you have been writing about. I thought about this and decided to write a post on the very real connections I have been making on the social networking sites, twitter, here the blogging network, and more recently on facebook.

Surprisingly to some, who just don't get "twitter", that is actually the place I've made the most connections and we're not talking random meaningless follows. I'm talking about connecting with people you have things in common with, whatever that may be and actually having conversations about those things with real people with real and valid opinions on things.

On twitter I have connected with people and exchanged email addresses. We've talked serious issues such as health relative to my children and I and also those I talk to. Ive connected with fellow slimming worlders, people who struggle to maintain an ideal weight as I do and the support around this group of people is amazing. I've virtually met people who have an interest in learning as I do, having registered with the Open University and ive also come across and connected with those who have a passion for writing. A craft you sit at your desk, in a coffee shop, on your bed, but invariably on your own and you write. For me connecting with people is important and important for every single reason I've identified.

People need people and in such a technologically advanced age as ours, making those important connections online is a simple and obvious step and one not to be sniffed at by those who haven't yet quite embraced the world out there through the technology available.

I love my connections and I hope to nurture them so they grow.

What are your new connections?

I'm looking forward to reading other blogs in the blog fest to see others take on the theme of connections.


  1. Slim-worlders? May be you could share some slimming tips with me? Good post, by the way!

  2. I can't express how much I agree... I did nothing about networking until this summer (after being prompted by a popular blogger to get out there) and haven't looked back. I figured it would be a slow start, but wow! It's amazing how many writers and others I've met in a few short months. Here I am doing a blog hop for goodness sake! I had no idea such a thing even existed. How fabulous! And as you said, far from being superficial, I've made some great friends on Twitter that I value and am now doing projects with.

    Go new connections!

  3. Twitter is new for me, and I sort of went into it reluctantly, but I think it will become more useful as time goes by.
    The more I learn, I more I see there is even MORE to learn. In the meantime, I am enjoying the discovery of connection.

  4. I love Twitter! I have an addiction, actually...

  5. Ruchiraa - slimming world is a club I visit that helps me stick to the healthy eating plan each week. It's a great eating plan and works wonders. I'm hoping my motivation sticks with me this year.

    Patti - it has actually quite surprised me, particularly coming on here to blog, I imagined I would be talking to myself half the time and it's always great to read comments, knowing that people actually had to take the time to read your post on the first place. I'm glad I joined :)

    Eden- I think the problem with twitter is, people are sat there in front of their computers with this little empty box where i think they feel they have to fill it with interesting things about themselves. But for me it's not that. Yes you may send the occasional tweet that is from you, but the rest is in response to other peoples tweets, interacting and conversing. Short conversations considering the 140 character limit, but enough to connect with people with the same interests. A good way to find other people to follow that you may be interested in is to check your friends following lists. Also i use lists so i have a list labelled writing, you will find on there a wealth of people with similar interests and well worth a follow. It will be great to see you on there :)

    Talli - i have to admit, some days are worse than others and i do find myself thinking ive spent too much time on twitter, but when I'm really busy it just doesn't get a look in. So I suppose it balances itself out. It really is a brilliantly quick way of communicating with people you share interests with but may not have otherwise met.

  6. I agree with you that you can make connections on Twitter--it's perfect for finding people who share your interests. I've gotten a lot out of my Twitter accounts. Not necessarily bosom buddies but good industry contacts. Sorry I'm a day late to the party. That's me--to a tee. Anyway, I'm had fun crashing your party. Thanks for not cleaning up the confetti right away.