Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lump Found on Dogs Ear.

On Friday evening I was fussing my much loved springer spaniel Bob, when I found a very pronounced lump under her ear. She has those floppy hang down and get in your dinner ears.

I was fussing her and rubbing her around her ears when I spotted it. Now it's not just a small pea size lump under her skin, and thinking about it, maybe those reading with weak stomachs might want to stop reading, whilst I go on to describe.

It's just by her ear canal hidden in the masses of fur she has round there but this protruded and was instantly noticeable due to its size, poking out the fur in this bald growth looking way. It's the size of a small plum. I washed and blow dried her two weeks ago so know it wasn't there then which goes on to worry me because of the speed of growth.

The visit to the vet was inconclusive, but pretty much as I expected. They can't tell what it is by looking at it, whether it's benign or malignant but what she could say is that it's not fatty and it's not fluid filled (as an infection) it is actually tissue. This doesn't fill me with much in the way hope.

She is now going to have it surgically removed and the lump tested. Whilst they have her sedated they're going to spay her. Won't she wake up a happy puppy!

I'm worried, but keeping the angst for, as and when I'm told I can start freaking. For now, my dog needs an op. She'll be home the same day. All is fine


  1. Gorgeous dog! Love that snowy pic. So sorry that she's possibly not well and has got to be snipped away at both ends!

    Fingers crossed for you that it's just a benign lump. Do keep us posted. I know how worried you must be feeling, because these little doggies become family, don't they?

    All the best.

    Nikki xx

  2. Hope everything turns out okay. It's as scary to have a pet get sick as a family member because they are family members!

  3. Nicolette - Thank you. It is my favourite photograph of her.

    She is definitely family. She soft and affectionate and I'm keeping my fingers well and truly crossed that she will be ok x

    Patricia - Thank you. She is family and will be treat as such when we bring her back for recovery. She will be so pampered!

  4. When is the op? Hope it all goes well. I think it's really sensible to spay her at the same time, I mean why give her more than one GA if two ops can be done at the same time? Sending you happy thoughts.