Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Missing in Action

This is a bit of an apology for being MIA for the past week.

Following the most fabulous Theakstons Crime Writing Festival, which as you know, I thoroughly enjoyed, I went a bit down hill health wise.

Energy levels were depleted to zero and I've been slowly doing more and more. I went back to work last week and the energy levels I was getting back have all been stolen from me by my working time!

I love my job, but it's mentally taxing and when I return home I feel I have barely anything left in me, so anything that requires thought, eg: a blog post, has kind of got laid by the wayside. Twitter is also a victim of my being enthusiastic at work and wearing my brain out.

The good thing though, is I'm not failing altogether. The little reserve of energy there, is being used on the third draft of my novel which I'm really pleased to spend a little time every day on. It just comes in front of all the other things I want and need to do.

I hope to try and keep going, but please forgive me if my posts are a bit hit and miss for a couple of weeks.


  1. Rebecca, the most important thing is that you take care of yourself. I'm glad you're using your energy for writing, that's what it's all about after all.

    Don't worry about your blog, we'll be here when you are.

    Hugs x

  2. Its all about making priorities, anyway, and yuor's for the moment are for your WIP. Brill!

  3. Hope you're feeling better. Life has a way of getting overwhelming. Boy, does it!

  4. It's lovely to hear from you whenever you can manage it! I hardly ever write anything on my blog as it comes quite low on the list of priorities with Twitter even lower! Take care x

  5. Sounds like you've been packing much too much into your time. Work AND the 3rd draft of a novel is like doing two jobs. Don't be so hard on yourself. We'll still be here when you've got your energy levels back up. Take it easy.

  6. Hang on in there, Rebecca - and keep writing!

  7. Sarah - I think that's my main concern, that I'm letting people down and people will drift off if I don't post as regularly for a while. Thank you for being there. x

    Pat - It definitely is! I'm so excited by it right now and it needs me to be there. Thank you.

    M Pax - It seem to doesn't it. I'm sure I will get back to more regular posting shortly.

    Thank you Linda - Sometimes priorities need to be addressed don't they. My WIP is taking my priority time at the minute but I will be back more regularly shortly :)

    Thank you Rosalind. It's no mean feat trying to both, but the day job isn't going anywhere, so I'm left having to do both. It does leave little time for other things, but I'm sure it will work itself out.

    Jaxbee - Thank you! I had a great writing day yesterday, it's just a shame I have to go back into the day job today!