Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Work Experience for teenagers

My eldest, the teenager, started work experience this week. She couldn't get her first choice which was a laboratory so the only option left by the time she found out, was a hairdressers. This amused me greatly. Not because I have anything against hairdressers, far from it in fact. My hairdresser is fab.

 I thought it was amusing because she often asks why her Dad and I are tired after work and doesn't understand, working, running a house and looking after kids is tiring. Now I knew she would be on her feet at the hairdressers all day long and not being used to it, she would be shattered. Low and behold she was in bed at 630pm last night! Boy did I chuckle at her, much to her disdain. 

She is enjoying it but it's not what she wants to do and she prefers school so hopefully she will stay on for A levels now she's found out working life isn't easy. 

Score one for mum!

How have your family members done exactly as you expected, even when they thought they wouldn't?


  1. That's brilliant! Note to self to encourage daughter into any type of work experience which involves people and standing for when she takes her turn in a couple of years time. Great post!

  2. Absolutely! She now has an idea of how difficult work can be and that she needs to think carefully about what she wants to do with her life after school.