Saturday, 5 February 2011


I got this award from Denyse and must now tell you seven things about myself before passing it on to seven other versatile bloggers.

Seven things about me. 

Thing one.
At 17 I did a tandem skydive for charity (and loved it!)

Thing two.
I was born in Gibralter

Thing three.
I have never broken a bone in my body of which I'm immensely pleased. 

Thing four.
Rebecca Bradley is a pen name

Thing five
I can touch the floor with the palms of my hands whilst standing straight. 

Thing six
I have an active bucket list which I fully intend on trying to complete, with the majority of items being places in the world I want to visit. 

Thing seven
I still possess my first teddy which is a penguin with a chewed off nose and is now looking extremely threadbare. 

I would now like to nominate and pass this on to ; Nickie; Crystal Jigsaw; Fiddlesticks; PippaDEffie MerrylLily; and Sardine Tin


  1. Thing 1 - you nutter!
    Thing 2 - My husband lived there for years as a child!
    Thing 3 - Me too :)
    Thing 4 - Oooh really? So is D.J.Kirkby. Though I write academically under my RL name.
    Thing 5 - I used to be able to but I'm too fat now.
    Thing 6 - What is a bucket list?
    Thing 7 - Awwww sweet!

  2. Thanks Rebecca - I've already done this - link here

    Love your 7 things though. This series of posts is great for finding interesting things out about people.

  3. Congrats on the reward but I think you should have been bold and gone for 8 things. ;)

  4. DJ - 1. It was an amazing experience. The rush of the free fall and then the peaceful quiet you experience when the parachute goes up. I must admit to not knowing which was was up during the free fall stage when we first dropped from the plane though! :)
    2. I'm hoping to go back for a look round. We left while I was still young.
    3. A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket (die)

    Nickie- it's great reading things about other people isn't it. Interesting.

    Patricia- 8. I say good morning to magpies :)