Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Day after Valentines

Ok, so yesterday I made a post saying how love isn't a one day affair and that romance is something you should show your loved one regularly. I also said how I feel that it's too commercial. Advertised to make money. Well, how did I do on valentines?

My husband and I agreed that it's commercialism only and we weren't partaking. So much so that I went out for something to eat with a friend after work. 

On the way home however, I got to wondering if hubby would buy me something and if he did, how bad I'd feel for not getting him anything. I knew we'd agreed not to, but I also know he likes to spoil me. So with those concerns I stopped at the local petrol station and picked up a Thornton chocolate teddy bear. 

I arrived home and duly handed over chocolate ted. Hubbys words "I didn't get you anything and now I feel guilty" which then served to make me feel guilty for breaking our agreement. 

I kind if just proved all the points I made yesterday didn't I? 

Did you manage to get through the day unscathed? 


  1. My bf tried, He kept asking what I wanted to do, suggesting dinner and a movie. I kept saying I don't know. In the end we both cooked dinner (grilled cheese and spaghetti o's - real fancy there) and had a normal night. Later this week there is a movie coming out, if he really wants to make me feel special he can take me to that.

  2. I hope you get to see your movie. i love going to the cinema and really should do it soon myself.

  3. I spent Valentines with two other girlfriends and every single table at the restaurants were either for two or were reserved. It was discrimination at first hand! Haha. Luckily enough I had consolation knowing that I was in a relationship (unlike my other two girlfriends) :)

  4. Yileen - It really is a strange day where everyone loses their common sense and everything is just made for pairs. I hope you had a lovely evening with your friends. I'm sure they had a great night. It can be a difficult day if you're single.