Sunday, 26 December 2010

iPad and Relationships

You may think it a strange combination to link an iPad received as a christmas present with a relationship, but for me it's perfectly logical. Let me explain.

My other half loves me to bits and I know this. Christmas day I knew this when he handed me a shiny new iPad for my gift. At first I was completely and utterly thrilled. I'd been coveting one for months. Well ever since they came out to be honest. I was so thrilled with my present that I didn't want to take out of it's perfect looking box for half an hour and just hugged it.
Once I removed it from its box, downloaded iTunes from my pc and syched it, I played with my new pad. Its lovely and stunningly beautiful as I expected.It's a little strange getting used to it as I'm used to my iPhone and the pad is, unsurprisingly a little bigger, but I'm getting there. 

I found the new iBooks app and downloaded several classics such as Little Women, Wuthering  Heights and Pride and Prejudice. I downloaded them because they were free and also because they are classics I would never have otherwise read and my reading experience should really widen it's horizons. I also bought some other ebooks and downloaded them. I think I went a little over board with the ebooks because it was so easy. I do have a pile of physical books waiting to be read, in my spare room, so I have a bit of a task on, to get through them before I can look at others I am interested in. One of the free books i downloaded is War and Peace. It could take me a while!  

Anyway, after playtime had run on for a while and it was starting to get late I started thinking about my precious pad and where it had come from. My other half had a bit of a windfall a couple of weeks before Christmas and without thinking of himself or anything else he went out and ordered me this because he knew I wanted one. 

Now I feel guilty. We're by no means flush. I wanted to go away for a weekend for my birthday next year and that money could have gone towards it and that would have been something we both could enjoy not just me. Now his complete determination to give me what he thinks will make me happy, actually makes me feel a little sad. I never knew this was coming and had I known I would probably advise we go away together for a weekend without the kids. 

Its not that I'm being ungrateful, but the idea of owning an iPad is just that, an idea. My other half doesn't need to buy me expensive gifts to make me happy. I love him and i didn't need an iPad to do it. I love him, I love he wants to do nice things for me and I love my iPad. I just realise I didn't need it. I hope that we still get that chance to go away in March. I would love to spend some quality time with him.

What have you received that has made you stop and think? or boot on the other foot, what would you get your other half if you got the chance? 


  1. It is a nice history.
    At this very moment the only thing I want is to be with my half.

  2. My OH has done this frequently. Ive learnt that it gives him pleasure so i should just relax. Enjoy the iPad. It will make him very happy to see you happy. Go camping with the family. Cheap weekend away (you can always find someone to lend a tent if you've not got) and great fun, how lovely to sit outside a tent in sunshine with your iPad!

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Gemma- I do love it and he can see that. Mind you my six year old likes some of the games that have synched over from my iPhone and uses it like a big gaming machine. That does make me nervous!

    I think we will probably book a night away in a nice hotel for my birthday. It will be nice to get away.