Monday, 20 September 2010

Open University and decisions.

I'm studying with the Open University, for what was to be a degree in Geosciences. I've done my first two years at level one and am currently coming to the end of the last course, which has been extremely difficult to keep going with, bearing in mind all the health issues and worries I've had with my son and trying to function in a full time job role. I even managed to fit a weeks residential course in Brighton with the OU this summer.

My next step should be to choose a level two course, which is more difficult and whose grades count more if you are aiming for a top mark degree. My problems are now, that the OU have changed their science programme and I'm unsure if my plan can still come to fruition with the Geosciences. It's all to do with money and the lack of support, they along with everyone else is getting from the government. This surprised me considering I pay full wack for my courses and I can tell you they aren't cheap. I think If I'm quick and fit in another residential in 2011 and one more in 2012 I could get my named degree. It's all a bit confusing and no doubt I need to call an advisor, but my mind is currently over active with other issues.

I know what course I want to do next and I looked at it, to see if it had several start dates so I could put it off for a couple of months, focus on my little boy and also see if I have the potential to write fiction. Unfortunately, the geology module I want, only starts this November or November 2011. I don't think I'm willing to put it on hold for a year considering the money I have already put into it and the fact that even with racing deadlines and stresses, I have generally enjoyed what I have been learning.

So it looks as though I am going to attempt to do both, continue my studies with the Open University and start writing and see where that gets me. It's something I enjoyed doing when I was a child, but dreams didn't seem to be encouraged when I was young, so now as I rapidly approach 40, I appear to be trying to fit in as many dreams as possible. I wonder where that will get me? Maybe taken away in a van with square wheels.....

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