Sunday, 12 September 2010

Migraine and the working woman

I suffer with migraines. Blinding, crippling pain over one eye, nauseating, that makes me want to leave my insides on the floor beside me when I move, migraines. Not the most pleasant image to conjure up, but a pretty real one to live with.

I've lived with these abominations for years now, since I was a child. So many doctors appointments with so little help that eventually I stopped complaining about them. In fact I think I last mentioned them approximately 12 years ago and just got on with them when they arrived. Not actually getting on with anything other than putting my head down in my bed, swallowing painkillers regularly in the hope that they may, one time help me in my pain ridden hours of need, which needless to say, they didn't.

I work hard so timing is everything with these. They are such a regular occurrence that I need them to not happen during the working week as it's near on impossible to function so instead I hope that if I'm to be struck yet again with the debilitating pain and nausea that is migraine, it is a weekend so I can lay in my room, ask my other half to look after the children and let the weekend pass in a haze of painkillers, buckets and occasionally wailing in self pity.

So here I am, blogging from my bed after again managing to obtain a weekend migraine that started Friday. Happy it will be gone in time for work tomorrow, unhappy that yet another weekend is wasted and this weekend being a sunny one I could have enjoyed.

Nothing eases these attacks, nothing prevents them. I live with them and then as soon as I can, I get up and get on with my life again.


  1. I know your pain well, and far too often... I paid private to see a specialist and he recommended a wafer that dissolves on the tongue, Rizatriptan (also known as Maxalt melt). They are wonderful for me, abort the attack in about an hour, take the pain away completely...feel a little sleepy but it's a small price to pay. Migraines can't be cured but you shouldn't stop trying to find the way to manage yours, especially if it's been a while since trying new medicines as they keep evolving. Good luck :)

  2. Throughout my entire life so far I have only ever had one migraine, and it was bloody awful. I've never felt pain like it! Thankfully they don't seem to be a regular thing for me. You certainly have my sympathy...

  3. Thank you both. Things are easier today.

    Deb, are you in the UK? I hadn't thought of progressions in medicine to be honest and with it being so long since I told my Doctor about them, I think I will let him know next time I go in.