Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Moment of Closeness

Following several ramblings as a demented mother of a teenage daughter, i am blissfully, heartwrenchingly happy to say she is currently laid in bed next to me as i type this. Taking some time to spend together as her dad watches the football downstairs.

Im not going to dwell on the fact that she doesnt feel well, but that she wants to spend some close quality time with me. No real conversations, but i can feel very real love from the little girl i know inside of her.

Shes laying quietly ( ok, a little unwell) but she still turned to her mum and i feel that overwhelmingly sentimental love for her that hasnt been so warm and fuzzy of late.

Im going to switch off now and lay in the dark for a while with her.

A momentous feeling of love and reciprication, well worth mentioning

Goodnight x

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