Tuesday 5 June 2012

My Dream Of You - DJ Kirkby

Today see's the launch of, My Dream Of You, a novel by, Portsmouth Writer in Residence, Denyse Kirkby. 

My Dream Of You has been published as an eBook by Punked Books and is available on Amazon UK for £1.53 and Amazon US for £2.40.

Denyse is throwing an online launch party and has some great prizes to give away over on her blog as well as a great book to read!

Everyone who leaves a ‘pick me’ comment on the MDOY online launch party blog post, and / or shares the post from her Facebook author page  and / or Tweets using the #MDOY hashtag making sure to copy @djkirkby  in gets their name entered into a draw for the following prizes:

     1. A Bothams of Whitby champagne afternoon tea hamper custom made for the My Dream of You launch party. The contents of hamper are:

Apricot & Orange Teabread

Butter Rice Madeira Cake

Butter Syrup Tea Biscuits

Apricot and Almond Jam 8oz

Resolution Tea Box 80 bags

Small wooden tray

750ml bottle of Fratelli Berlucchi (2006) Brut

                           A limited edition (signed) paperback copy of MDOY.
(unfortunately this prize open to UK entrants only due to complications with posting all the contents of this hamper to other countries)
  1. One of five limited edition (signed) paperback copies of MDOY (open to worldwide entrants).
  2. A character named after you in my next novel (open to worldwide entrants).
  3. One of 15 MDOY fridge magnets (open to worldwide entrants).

Names can only be entered until midnight on June 5th and the winner will be announced on Denyse's blog on Sunday June 11th.

My Dream Of You

Crime of passion or cruel twist of fate?
One summer’s day Betty let love carry her a step too far. That exquisite sun dappled afternoon became one of her best memories but also the catalyst for the worst experience of her life. Now elderly, Betty has been running from her past since she was a teenager, and it’s about to catch up with her. Will the experience be as awful as she fears or wonderful beyond imagining?

Praise for My Dream Of You:
“D.J. Kirkby writes with compassion and energy, creating characters you can really care about.” Sarah Salway (Canterbury Poet Laureate)

"Evocatively written, My Dream of You is an absorbing read filled with interesting characters, plot twists, and emotion." Talli Roland, bestselling author of Build a Man

“A tale of motherhood, of hope and of love. Truly touching” Caroline Smailes, author of 99 Reasons Why

DJ Kirkby:
Denyse lives in the South of England in a house otherwise filled with males - husband, boys and pets - she writes to escape the testosterone.
She is the author of Without Alice, My Dream of You, and her book Special Deliveries which is currently with her agent.

You can find Denyse in the following places;

All that I can say, is, I wish you an amazing day Denyse and much success with My Dream Of You!

Congratulations on Launch day!


  1. Replies
    1. A brilliant Launch day and one that seemed to go amazingly well :)

  2. Thank you Rebecca for this lovely post and thank you to Lynn for your good wishes.

    1. You're more than welcome Denyse. I hope you had a great day and that the feeling you had that day still continues :)

  3. The book sounds good! Many congratulations and the best of luck with it!

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