Thursday 14 June 2012

7 X 7 Link Award

I've been nominated for this 7 x 7 award by fellow blogger Annalisa Crawford.

There are so many awards doing the rounds the blogosphere that I don't always put new ones up, but this one is interesting as it looks back over old posts, something I haven't really done and maybe should have.

Annalisa's is a great blog, she's very engaging, so she's worth popping over to say hello.

The idea of the award is to link to existing blog posts that fall into seven categories...

Most Beautiful Piece
What Bookshops do in the night. A beautiful post simply containing a youtube clip of what books do at night when you're asleep. It's wonderful to watch and I don't think I'd ever tire of it.

Most Helpful Piece
Goodreads - Save your books! A piece on the fact that Goodreads were losing a fraction of their images due to an Amazon decision. A lot of people weren't aware that they could go in to their Goodreads accounts and save their books.

Most Popular Piece
Crime Fiction. Finding the stats brought this out on top made my day. What a perfect post for this blog to be the most popular piece. It just shows me, I need to keep my blog, more on topic I think.

Most Controversial Piece
I'm not sure I really post controversy. I do try to stay away from it online. It's difficult to deal with as there is no body language or intonation to include.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece
Broken. Surprisingly the day I claimed to have broken my own blog I managed to attract an awful lot of page views. I'm not really sure if people where there to commiserate or check it had really broken and I was done!

Most Underrated Piece
I think you can go back and pick any of the first blog posts on anyones blog. Everyone feels as though they are talking to themselves. It's tough to feel as though you are getting going, but fully worth it when you do.

Most Pride-Worthy Piece
If you were murdered in your home. I loved this question and the way it drew people in and then made them think.

And now I'm going to choose seven people to tag...

Rosalind Adam at Writing in the Rain

Pat Newcombe at Thriller Writers Blog

Julie Flanders at What Else is Possible

Lynn Proctor at My Life

Glynis Smy at Author of Historical Romance/Suspense

Patricia Lynn at My Journey Through The Pages

Linda at Excuse Me While I Note That Down

Feel free not to take part if you've done it already or simply don't want to!


  1. It's amazing what posts draw the most views, isn't it?

  2. A brilliant selection Rebecca - I remember them all. I still love the What Bookshops Do at Night clip.

  3. Thanks very much for awarding me this! I shall take it up as soon as I have a spare minute! Love your answers though - you're soooo talented!

  4. Love these links you learn so much about a person x

  5. Thank you so much for this award. I have actually done this before but I may well have another go and do a personal review of this year's posts because I think that this award is even more interesting for the person who has received it than it is for blog followers. For example I was amazed at how my style had changed over the few years I'd been blogging.

    I remember your books at night post and I watched it several times over. It was hilarious. And I do agree with you about our first blog posts. They're the ones that we invested the most energy into and they were hardly read by anyone. It's a good job we've got 7 x 7 awards to bring them to people's attentions, isn't it.

  6. Congrats on the award and thanks for the links!


  7. This is a good idea for a post. Loved the Bookshops in the night video, so fab. I hope I dream of it tonight.

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