Monday, 19 December 2011

Recently Read - Taunting The Dead

A couple of weeks ago I read a book by a friend of mine, Taunting the Dead by Mel Sherratt. Mel has written a fantastic crime novel which is very character driven. You could accuse me of being biased which is why I'm telling you that I know Mel in the first place. But to be honest, It is a really well written, great book and I hope you check it out yourselves. It's in eformat only and a great price.  

I hope to pin Mel down, in the new year, for an interview. Watch this space.

Below is the review I left on Amazon. 

Statistics say nine out of ten murders are committed by someone the victim knows. So when Steph Ryder is found dead with her head caved in, Detective Sergeant Allie Shenton begins investigations close to home, starting with the victim's family and friends. 

As each one lies to cover up their actions on that fateful night, Allie becomes convinced husband Terry Ryder has something to hide - and he's not the only one. Powerful, ambitious and charming, Allie's attraction to the successful businessman grows with each interrogation, risking both her job and marriage. Can Allie uncover the truth before her life not only falls apart, but before she ends up a victim, too?

I loved the title of this book and wasn't disappointed when reading. The story starts, quite uniquely, by following Steph Ryders last interactions and those of the people around her. It sets you up quite nicely for the murder that follows and the subsequent police investigation. 

The story is told in a no nonsense sort of way and gives you a real feel of the lives the people within were living. The characters were gritty and three dimensional and I had no trouble understanding who they were. I did however, struggle to work out which of the bunch were capable of such a violent murder. I was kept guessing and being made to turn the pages right until the very end. 

If you like your fiction honest and believable this is a read you won't want to miss. 

You can find Mel on her Blog, High Heels and Book Deals, or on Twitter. 


  1. I can't remember who I found out about this one from, but it's already on my tbr list :-)

  2. I think it was Talli's blog Sarah. It is a great read!