Friday, 2 September 2011

Knowsley Safari Park

Yesterday the family and I took a trip to Knowsley safari park. The kids are back at school next week so I took a days annual leave to make one last day trip of the holidays. It turned out to be a lovely sunny day and I loved it. I'm a big kid really.

Little man and I had the opportunity to hand feed a giraffe. I think it was good timing for us. We were on the viewing platform when the manager came out with a handful of leaves and started handing them out. I was as giddy as the children on there. The manager was handing out the leaves to the kids and little man had a few. I had to ask if it was ok for grown ups to do it! Giraffes are beautiful creatures.

Did you know giraffes have blue tongues?

We also drove through the monkey enclosure. Our car was covered in red bottomed baboons who thought it was great fun to pull on the windscreen wipers.

We had a close encounter with a camel who actually walked into the side if the car.

Just look at the colour of the sky!

The lion enclosure was amazing. Huge, sleek, powerful animals.

And for anyone interested in creepy crawlies, I leave you with a spider.


  1. Never been to a safari park. One of the most famous is not all that far from where I live. I bet my granddaughter would love it.

    Blue tongue? That's pretty freaky.

    Tossing It Out

  2. I love giraffes and don't think they get enough love, so thank you for the picture.

    But did you have to end on a photograph of a huge hairy spider? Did you really? :-)

    Glad you had a good day, the weather looked beautiful.

  3. Great photos, apart from the turantula which is making me shudder as I'm typing this! It looks like a great place, though.

  4. Those blue girraff tongues kinda creep me out! My folks went to a safari park, and the monkeys were "pulling," but not the windshield wipers. eww.

  5. You could have given a health warning out before that last photo. *shudder* Sounds like your car came in for a bit of a battering but yes the sky is an amazing colour!

  6. Great photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  7. I love the photos, except for the last one! Yikes, LOL! :D

    I cracked up at the baboon on the car, he looks so serious with that wiper. How fun that you were able to be so close to so many different animals, looks like a fabulous park.

  8. Patricia - It really was a great family day.

    Lee - You should go if you have one nearby. Even the teenager sulking in the back because we made her come, squeeled in excitement at the big cats and the monkeys.

    Sarah - It was a lovely day, both with weather and with family. I loved the giraffe and I was so excited to hand feed it. Stunning animals.

    Annalisa - I'm not too fond of spiders, but they did look pretty impressive in their glass homes where they couldn't put their scary legs over me. :)

    Will - The giraffes tongue amazed me. I was told yesterday, there is a dog with a blue tongue and I can't remember what it is. The monkeys pulling - Haha, they nearly started copulating on our bonnet and I really didn't want to explain to my youngest what they were doing, so I moved forward and they soon stopped!

    Rosalind - We were lucky with the car. As we drove out of the compound we drove through lots of bits of black plastic on the ground and realised it was lots of bits of windscreen wipers! They really are mischief makers.

    Rebecca - It was a lovely day and I will hopefully try and remember to do it again next year.

    Julie - It really is a great place. The animals were stunning. They had some rhino's and baby rhinos as well. Magnificent creatures.