Tuesday, 29 March 2011

April A - Z Blogging Challenge

Starting on Friday April 1st I'm taking part in the Tossing it Out A to Z blogfest. 

This blogging challenge involves making 26 posts, Monday through to Saturday with Sunday off. This covers April. If that's not hard enough, these 26 posts have to be relevant to a letter of the alphabet, in order. So Friday 1st April when it starts has to have an A theme.

You're not expected to make heavy well thought out posts all month. It's about the participation and about finding new blogs you've not yet come across and meeting new bloggers. There are currently over 700 bloggers currently signed up. It sounds great fun.

I'm all signed up. Who's joining me??


  1. Looking forward to reading your A-Z.

  2. Thanks Austin. I know you are also taking part so I'm looking forward to keeping up with yours :)

  3. Hello, I'm Louise and a writer of chicklit. I'm also a crusader popping in to say hi! Half way through the list of writers/bloggers at the moment - phew!

    I'm looking for reviews for my book (A Proper Charlie), and if anyone fancies a fun read please review it. Pretty please?

  4. Austin - It's going to be a tough month making sure I do a post every day, but I have planned in advance and a few are ready to go :) i will see you there Austin!

    Louise - Thanks for following. I've added your book to me to-read list. It is a rapidly growing list though!

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    I've signed up this evening. Are we mad, adding another challenge into life's mix :-D ?!

    Look forward to reading your A-Z.

    Rachel (@theWriteRach)

  6. Rach, it's great to see you here! I think we must be a little on the mad side ;)

    Looking forward to doing this with you.